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Customized SnugFit O&P App

Over 20 different ways of customizing the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner to meet your needs.   

What Can Be Customized?

  1. App Name:

    • Personalize the app name to reflect your brand or clinic identity.

  2. Logo:

    • Upload a custom logo for your clinic or brand to enhance brand recognition.

  3. App Theme Color:

    • Choose a primary and secondary color scheme to match your brand or personal preference.

  4. Patient Signup Interface:

    • Customize the patient signup interface with optional fields such as patient name, contact details, and specific medical information.

  5. 3D Scan Type:

    • Select from different 3D scanning modes, such as full-body scans, limb-specific scans, or targeted area scans.

  6. Patient Order Form:

    • Tailor the order form to include specific information required for O&P device fabrication, such as measurements, materials, and design preferences.

  7. Cloud Data Storage Location:

    • Choose the preferred cloud storage provider (e.g., AWS, Google Cloud, or Azure) or opt for an on-premises solution for data storage.

  8. Number of Scans:

    • Define the maximum number of scans allowed per patient to manage storage and optimize app performance.

  9. Number of Images:

    • Set preferences for capturing additional images  along with 3D scans, enabling comprehensive patient documentation.

  10. Number of Videos:

    • Set preferences for capturing additional videos along with 3D scans, enabling comprehensive patient documentation.

  11. User Sign Up Permissions:

    • Implement user sign up control to prevent unwanted user from using the customized app.

  12. Language Preferences:

    • Provide language customization options to accommodate users from different linguistic backgrounds.

  13. Notification Preferences:

    • Enable users to personalize notification settings for order updates, and other relevant alerts.

  14. Export Formats:

    • Specify preferred file formats for exporting 3D scans and patient data, such as STL, OBJ, or proprietary formats used by O&P devices.

  15. Integration with Other Systems:

    • Allow integration with an ordering management or other O&P software for seamless data flow.

  16. User Interface Layout:

    • Provide options for different user interface layouts to accommodate user preferences and device screen sizes.

  17. Scan box customization:

    • Customize scanning settings for different types of scan object for the best accuracy.

  18. Offline Mode:

    • Enable or disable offline mode based on clinic requirements, allowing users to continue scanning even without an internet connection.

  19. Order Reupload:

    • Provide permission for a user to re-upload a new set of 3D scanning data.

  20. Order Record:

    • Implement a web app for order history check.


These customizable features can help tailor the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner app to meet the specific needs and preferences of different clinics and practitioners.


Interested in the customization? Write in details about your business and the customization needs.

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