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SnugFit Order-N-Scan App

Order, Scan, Upload, and Complete Your Order - Simple and Seamless!

How It Works

Order Placement: Practitioners or consumers initiate the process by placing an order for foot orthotics or prosthetics directly on the manufacturer's ordering system or website. This step marks the beginning of a revolutionary shift towards a more streamlined O&P experience.

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Seamless Transition: Once the order is completed, the order system seamlessly launches the SnugFit Order-N-Scan App on the practitioner or consumer's device.

3D Scanning: The app, an evolution of the SnugFit O&P 3D Scanner, guides the practitioner or consumer through a simple and intuitive 3D scanning process. Whether scanning the foot for orthotics or a specific prosthetic part, the technology ensures accuracy and precision.

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Upload Order Information: Upon completing the scan, users can effortlessly upload their scan data along with the order information directly to the manufacturer. This streamlined communication ensures that the manufacturer receives the necessary details for crafting the custom-fit product.

Manufacture and Delivery: Empowered by the accurate 3D scan data, the manufacturer proceeds to 3D print the custom-fit foot orthotics or prosthetics. The finished products are then shipped directly to the practitioner or consumer.  

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Benefits of SnugFit Order-N-Scan App

  • Direct Consumer Access: Consumers have direct access to the latest O&P technology, allowing them to make purchases at their convenience.

  • Efficiency and Speed: The app accelerates the entire process, from order placement to product delivery, ensuring a swift and efficient experience for consumers.

  • Customization: Leveraging the advanced 3D scanning technology, the SnugFit Order-N-Scan App ensures that each product is tailor-made to meet the unique needs and specifications of the individual consumer.

  • Enhanced Accessibility: By removing the barriers of geographical distance and clinic visits, the app opens up a new world of possibilities for individuals seeking O&P solutions.

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